Tips for Buying High Quality CBD Oil #1

Tips for Buying High Quality CBD Oil


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online is the way to go. Shopping for CBD oil online means greater product selection, lower prices, and more visibility on what you’re actually buying.

If you’re looking for something immediately, this guide to buying CBD oil near me will help you find local CBD sources that offer fast shipping and awesome products. But before you buy, make sure to follow these tips for finding the highest-quality CBD oil online in Canada.

Read the Label!

The very first step in buying a high-quality CBD oil is to understand the labeling processes behind CBD oil. Just like any consumable product, all CBD products contain a label that tells you important information about what you’re about to consume.Tips for Buying High Quality CBD Oil

This label will include details on things like:

  • Amount of CBD as an active ingredient per serving
  • Supplement labeling and nutrition information
  • Net weight
  • Batch or date code

Many CBD products also tell you where the cannabidiol was derived. In most cases, it will say “Derived from hemp plants” since CBD is sourced from hemp.Tips for Buying High Quality CBD Oil

However, some CBD is sourced from marijuana plants, and these are the products that typically contain other cannabinoids, like THC.Tips for Buying High Quality CBD

If you can’t find information on one or more of these, move on to another product. It could mean that the manufacturer has something to hide. Even if they don’t, then it’s just pure laziness to omit these types of labeling details.

Confirm That the Product Has Been Tested

Every legit CBD product has gone through lab testing. This testing is conducted by a third-party facility that has no affiliation with the manufacturer. Through third-party test results, you can see exactly what’s contained within your CBD, like whether it contains THC or tested for harmful contaminants from the hemp-growing process.Tips for Buying High Quality CBD Oil

Check Ratings & Reviews

One of the perks of buying CBD oil online is the ability to check into the product’s overall reputation. Unlike shopping in-store, it’s very easy to find reviews, ratings, and testimonials relating to the product you’re interested in buying online.

That said, there are a few important things to look out for when browsing a product’s reviews. You obviously want to find a CBD source with an overall good reputation. But also look for a large number of reviews throughout a variety of sources, and never rely solely on the reviews directly on a dispensary’s website.Tips for Buying High Quality CBD

Consider the Product’s Suggested Use

CBD oil products come in many different forms – tinctures, gummies, capsules, edibles, vapes, and even topicals. Consider these different options and decide on the one that’s best for you.Tips for Buying High Quality CBD

For instance, if you’re looking for relief from surface-level joint pain, a topical is probably the best choice for you. But if you want to sleep better at night, a capsule or using red light therapy for sleep could be a good idea.

Not only should you consider the consumption method, but also the suggested use. This information should be labeled by the manufacturer, or you might be able to find it in the online product description.

So if you want to treat joint pain but the product is suggested for helping with anxiety, find another option.

Look Into the Manufacturer’s Reputation

There are many CBD manufacturers right now, and the number steadily continues to grow. This is because CBD oil products are in high demand, and lots of brands want a piece of that cake.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers are not doing their due diligence to create high-quality CBD products. They are manufacturing low-quality products with the cheapest ingredients they can find, then passing them off as “top of the line CBD”.

The best way to differentiate the reputable CBD brands from the ones that shouldn’t be trusted is to do your research. Look into the brand’s reputation by checking reviews, the manufacturer’s base location, and whether or not it provides test results for all of its products.

Does the Product Contain THC?

This is a question that you should always ask yourself before purchasing CBD oil online. Although CBD containing THC is not necessarily a bad thing, check to make sure the THC level isn’t more than 0.3%.

All legit CBD products contain 0.3% THC or less because of the way they are sourced. If you prefer no THC at all, then look for a broad-spectrum product that contains only CBD and no other cannabinoids or terpenes.

What Are the Delivery & Shipping Details?

If you’re shopping online, then shipping and delivery come into play (unless you’re doing an in-store pickup). Before checking out of your shopping cart, consider shipping/delivery details like:

  • Cost of shipping to your location
  • Product packaging – Is it packaged discreetly?
  • Does your order come with a delivery guarantee?

All of these buying tips will help you to find the highest-quality CBD oil online. Best of all, it will be delivered right to your day, sometimes even within a day or two!

Free Shipping

Moving online had made it easier for dispensaries to offer you free shipping For orders above $500, through Euroupe, Canada Post or other reputable delivery services. To get your orders sent for free when you buy weed online, you may need to spend over a certain amount with some dispensaries…but a lot of the time, it’s free.

Fast Delivery

With online dispensaries, you don’t have to compromise on the speed of free shipping; people in Canada who buy from online dispensaries and live in British Columbia have reported their package taking as little as 2 business days to get to them.

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